Wisconsin Dells

OK, I'll admit it - I like kid stuff. Trampolines, playgrounds, and the ultimate kid entertainment, the water park. The longer the water slide, the better. And for the true water park enthusiast, where else can you go other than Noah's Ark in beautiful Wisconsin Dells? (See http://www.dells.com and http://www.wisdells.com for official Dells tourist info.)

We usually wimp camp in Holiday Shores and spend our days at Noah's. We've also "done the Ducks" and taken a scenic boat tour. And we've even tried out some of the other water parks there. (Although we've never been to the Foam House.) But we always go back to Noah's.

But in all the Dells, the place that DEMANDS your attention the most is the Tommy Bartlet thrill show. As you approach the Dells, even before you enter Wisconsin, you start seeing signs for Tommy Bartlet. The closer you get, the more signs you see. There are thousands of them scattered all over the Wisconsin countryside. There are also signs for other Dells attractions, but I'de be willing to bet that Tommy outnumbers all the others combined.

We've been to Tommy's and I guess it was worth the time spent (if not the money paid). It wasn't bad. But was it worth all the hype? Let's just say that Mr. Bartlett's motto must be, "If P. T. Barnum can put on the greatest show on earth and hype it, I can at least match the hype part of it."