Wimp Camping

We all know what real camping is, right? You wear your high-tech boots, hike into uncharted forest, and set up one of those high-tech tents that weighs a four ounces. You eat high-tech freeze-dried food and drink water from a crystal mountain stream (first run through a high-tech water filter, of course). And if you wash yourself at all, you do it in that same crystal mountain stream (temp: 35 F) and scrub down with sand. And you construct a canoe from a tree using nothing but a pocket knife and some dental floss.

Wimp camping is kinda like that. Except that you wear Nikes, drive mini-van to a Kampground (it's very important for it to be spelled with a "K"), and rent one of those Kabins. You cook food from your ice-chest over a propane stove and drink Diet Coke. And you take a hot shower every morning in the bath house. And you rent a motor boat from the Kampground office.

Hey, you just gotta get back to nature sometimes.