by Pulitzer Prize winner Tony Auth.
Tony kindly gave his permission for me to display it.

I don't do much with my web site any more. See my blog for more. This site's master source files are at

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My Software

You really want to see my github account for that. But here are a few items that might be of interest:

My Email

I don't like email very much, and I've got a pretty full life these days. The astronomy and iguana pages are very old and out of date, and I have no particular desire to update them. If you have a quick and easy question, there's a good chance I'll respond within a week or two, but don't get your hopes up too high.

If, after reading that, you still want to email me, my email domain is and my email account on that domain is sford. I wrote it out that way so that email address harvesters wouldn't find it. (Not that it helps much - I get plenty of spam as it is.)