The Deadly Embrace

I can run, but I can't hide! In fact, I CAN'T EVEN RUN!!!

I struggle to free myself from the the deadly embrace of the two semaphores. The daemons surrounding me lick their lips hungrily, looking me up and down, trying to decide where in to sink their 10-inch fangs. At a signal from The Colonel, all nine of them will descend upon me and kill me instantly, abruptly. I smile ruefully; they won't even give me a chance to clean up first.

I look at the semaphores. They are standing on either side of me, each in a stiff blue uniform. They tower above me, completely ignoring me and the daemons. They only look at each other and repeat endlessly, "Oh no! After YOU." I had already tried cutting my way out with my trusty Swiss Army knife, but they seemed to be made out of steel.

"Oh no! After YOU."

I close my eyes tightly and put my hands over my ears. THINK, damn it! There HAS to be a way out of this mess. If only I hadn't been so afraid of the daemons that I asked both of the semaphores for protection. Now, my very protectors will be my death. If only I could start over, I would go it alone without any protection! If only ...

Wait a minute ...

I reach into my pocket and pull out the Swiss Army knife. Lets see. Knife? No. Spoon? No. Ah, here we are.

And just as The Colonel gives the signal and the daemons start rushing in, I flip out the fork ...

... and start over. The daemons are busily devouring me; the old me. The new me smiles and starts running.