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Button help. Note: some buttons appear grey and are disabled if the function doesn't make sense. E.g. "ChkConfs" if you aren't logged in.


Welcome to bbs_thingie, a computer conferencing system. I love cheat sheets. Don't you? ("Just get on with it!") OK, OK, sheesh.

It's pretty easy. First log in. Then cycle these steps:

  1. Click "ChkConfs".
  2. Click "ChkItems". Read all the funny messages. Respond if you want.
  3. Keep clicking "ChkItems" 'till you can't any more.
  4. Start over with "ChkConfs".

When you realize that you have better things to do, click "LogOut".

There are two ways to use "bbs_thingie": logged in or "just browsing". You don't need a Username to browse the conferences, but you do need a Username to be able to create items or leave messages.

But don't dispair! You can create your own Username very easily! You won't be asked for any personal information (no e-mail, no demographic data, no marketing profiles). When you create a Username, choose a single word as your "Username"; many people use the first part of their normal e-mail address (i.e. the part before the "@"), other people just make something up. So long as you keep your password secret, nobody else can use your username.

Guidelines: a few informal rules - don't be picky with spelling or grammer, either with your own messages or with others'. Try to go easy on personal attacks (flames). A certain amount coarse language and sexual content is natural among adults, but don't get carried away. This isn't a porn site. On the other hand, if you're easily offended, then maybe this isn't the place for you.